Saturday, January 22, 2011

Travel Options to KLIA - KLIA Transit

For those who love hassle free travel, and need to go to airport, with loved ones not convenient to send you there, do consider the KLIA Transit. It is only about 35 mins journey from Tasik Selatan station.

Of course the more popular version is taking a cab, but for me, I feel 'boxed-in' the cab, with 'personal-space' intruded, and have to spend about an hour in the cab with a stranger cab driver.

The train is going very fast now, oh, and enjoyed the thrills as I sit backwards, so its as though a journey back to the past for me it seems, moving backwards. Oh, how I wish!

Its economical too, RM26.50, a fraction of the cab price. Good news to those going to LCCT, this train is also available, priced at RM10.80, which is very reasonable.

We are always spoilt for choice, and its so convenient that we seems to take things for granted easily in life nowadays. Choose to have a happy day!

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