Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MBTI Training @ Renaissance Hotel, KL

It has really been some time since I blog here. Well, a lot of other commitments made me sidetracked from updating my personal sharings.

For 2011, I aspire to blog more, besides that it is good to be able to share my experiences, I can also improve my writing skills.

I attended the MBTI training at Renaissance Hotel this whole week, despite its also a Thaipusam holiday today. MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It is a certification program afterwhich I am certifies to provide trainings and consultation to those interested to find out their preferences.

Am glad that the training is conducted in Renaissance Hotel. Its in the city and transportation is easy. The monorel station, Bukit Nanas, is just opposite the hotel. I can save time from being stucked in traffic jams and looking for parking.

After completed today's training, I will be a certified MBTI trainer. Do let me know if you are interested to find out more about the training. My pleasure to share more with you...

Oh, by the way, I like this picture very much. This is where I relax and read my training materials when I arrived early at the hotel. I like listening to the water sound and being in the open increases my energy. You can also see my pretty black shoes ya!

When I look up to the sky, its just so beautiful, especially when the clouds are moving, and the flocks of birds are flying.

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