Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grilled Lamb Set @ German Bavarian Bierhaus

The German Bavarian Bierhaus serves interesting lunch sets, and the menu are different on each day. On Friday, when we were there, they served Jumbo Sausage, Grilled Lamb and Pork Loin. The set comes with mushroom soup and a drink. All this for RM19.90.

It does come in big portion so for small eater, you can consider sharing the food with friends and family.

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Seremban Siewpau available near the North South Highway

For those who fancy the Seremban siewpau(non-halal), it is now easier to made purchase as a new building is built near the North South highway that sells them. Exit from Seremban, turn left at the junction after toll and make a u-turn. Keep to your left and you will see the signs that will bring you to the Seremban Siewpau building. It is called Empayar Seremban Siewpau.

The place also sells chinese menu food and if you are hungry along the highway, can take a break at Seremban exit for some food.

The Seremban siewpau is now sold at RM1.30 each. The original is made of pork cubes, and now it comes with chicken and tuna. They also have durian egg tarts. Yummy and must try!

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Exotic Geoduck

Have you ever seen an exotic sea creature called geoduck? It looks like the tusk of elephant, well imagine it being long and winding. Add a little bit of imagination, it does look like the male sex organ.

It is served raw, just like sashimi, or you can boil it in soup. The darker color food is the liver of the geoduck. Well, believe me, it looks 'yucky' but the taste was really good, the geoduck is crispy eaten raw.

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Legend Water Chalet, PD

Had the opportunity to stay at Legend Water Chalet located in PD during a business workshop recently. As it is a unique experience to stay on water, yes the chalets are on water, however, the seawater was not as clear as Maldives or even Redang.

Although the hotel is only 4 years old, the hotel rooms, function rooms and coffee house seems old and not well maintained. At the water chalets, handphone signals were bad and internet connection was not stable.

I would not recommend this place for business functions, but the place is a great getaway for family gatherings or honeymoon.

The food was not appealing, such as the 'ais kacang', the ice was not the shaved ice but crush ice! I had to bite the ice and it was really 'tiring' biting the ice, which in the end, I gave up.

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