Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seremban Siewpau available near the North South Highway

For those who fancy the Seremban siewpau(non-halal), it is now easier to made purchase as a new building is built near the North South highway that sells them. Exit from Seremban, turn left at the junction after toll and make a u-turn. Keep to your left and you will see the signs that will bring you to the Seremban Siewpau building. It is called Empayar Seremban Siewpau.

The place also sells chinese menu food and if you are hungry along the highway, can take a break at Seremban exit for some food.

The Seremban siewpau is now sold at RM1.30 each. The original is made of pork cubes, and now it comes with chicken and tuna. They also have durian egg tarts. Yummy and must try!

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