Thursday, February 17, 2011

Garden Cafe @ Gardens, Midvalley

This is a cozy and beautiful lifestyle and cafe restaurant located at the bridge between Midvalley and Gardens. The food and drinks come in big portion.

If you are lucky, you could listen to the pianist playing beautiful songs at the grand piano located at the main entrance of the cafe.

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AMEX 15% Cash Back Now at GSC Cinemas!

Great news to movie patrons! AMEX is having 15% cash back when you purchase for movie tickets at GSC cinemas. Basically one ticket cost around RM10 on weekdays and RM12 on weekends. So there is RM1.50 to RM1.80 cash rebate on each ticket.

Other places with such promotions are Kamdar and Eu Yan Sang. So hurry, catch a movie or do your shopping for more savings.

Just key in 'Cashback (space) credit card number and send to 62628.

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Etiqa Insurance System Down?

I made a trip to Bangsar Etiqa Insurance and was informed that the system is down since morning. Just as I complimented that Etiqa has good customer service and humanizing insurance, its bad to have the system down and it is almost for the whole day!

Humanizing the insurance sector will not be a success if the basic 'hygiene factor' such as the availability of the system for payment and other transactions is not available.

Hope Etiqa can look into this matter, imagining the customers have to travel from far for the transactions, especially when being told certain transactions are not available online.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cap Goh Mei @ Chinese Valentine's Day

It is Cap Goh Mei today or what we chinese call the chinese Valentine's day. It is a custom for the ladies to throw oranges into the rivers while the men would catch the oranges and contact the ladies and be friends.

In the Klang Valley, 2 temples are most beautiful and worth a visit on this day is the Thean Hou Gong, in Seputeh and Dong Zhan Shi, in Banting. These temples are beautifully lit with lights and tanglungs.

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Depressed Society

Are we living in a depressed society? It is indeed depressing to hear so many suicidal cases lately, and even sadder is the young and innocent are also not spared in order to be 'suicide companion' for their parents.

Less than 2 weeks since we hear the depressing news of a young 5 year old girl being pushed to her death from an apartment building before her mother jumped from another building with their bodies 50 meters apart, today's news shown that there are 2 sisters, aged 4 and 1 year old passed away after her mother popped high dosage of hypertension pills into their milk before popping the pills herself. The mother survived but the 2 poor girls died!

Depression is a serious illness which is not noticable by many of us. It is a silent killer. Depressed people are worried about so many things and for mothers, its common to have mild to serious depression upon delivery of baby.

I still remembered last year when I was warded for dengue, there was a patient who ran away from the hospital. She suffered medium depression upon delivery of her daughter, who already turned twelve. To some depressed patient, they do not know why they behave in such a way, some linked it with hormonal changes, added responsibilities, bad debt, failed love relationships and more.

In the social media such as Facebook, depressed people already shown signs by posting suicidal notes, depressing sharings and helpless feelings. These all are signs that they need help. However, it is sad that no one or most people do not take those posts seriously.

Teenagers and youths are opened with sharing of feelings in Facebook. Are our younger generation so stressed in their lives? Let's pay more attention to our loved ones and friends. Spend time to talk and care for them.

Let's not hear about another suicidal attempts and the innocent kids are also affected. Its heartsick to hear about the sudden losses of the beautiful children of Malaysia. Pick up the phone and call a loved one today!

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New MRT System in Town!

New MRT system spreading from northern Selangor to Southern of Selangor will be made available in 2016. First question that we may asked is what is the differences from the LRT and monorel that we have now? The trains are bigger and of latest design and technology, as compared monorel and LRT.

I was at the Bangsar LRT and there was a small exhibition on the new MRT system, with the maps and coverage area shown. For Cheras people, it is good to hear that there are stops at Bukit Mewah, Leisure Mall, Phoenix Plaza and Kajang town. Going for Hj Samuri Satay in Kajang town will be more frequent and accessible to more people.

At Leisure Mall station, you can also go to the nearby XO fish head noodle or have some friends get-together near Bukit Mewah station at the nearby Old Town White Coffee or Pappa Rich for some coffees and local delicacies.

Being a regular LRT customer now, I am glad to hear about the new MRT system and the coverage which is from Sg Buloh, OneUtama, TTDI, Subang, Cheras and Kajang for about 51km long. My only worry is when the train has technical problem, a lot of people will be affected. Hope the MRT management do look into this risk management.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Etiqa Insurance - Humanizing Insurance

This is one of the initiatives taken by Etiqa Insurance, family to Maybank Group in humanizing the insurance services and caring for customers. Rather than getting customers to hold on to number slips, customers name are key-in to the system and it would be displayed on the boards.

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Klang Bak Kut Teh

We went to visit a relative in Klang yesterday. Thanks to GPS, we arrived safely at my auntie's house in Taman Saujana, else I think we will have a hard time finding the place.

We went to this restaurant that served good bak kut teh. Bak Kut Teh is famous local food among the chinese especially in Klang. The soup is clear and not as thick as those serve in KL or PJ, so I can consume the soup without worry of getting heaty. The claypot has a mixture of everything, from ribs, 3 layers meat, lean meat, stomach and intestines.

Another unique feature is the locals at Klang bring along their own tea and no 'head' charge as in other places. In KL or PJ, the 'head' charges for chinese tea ranges from RM1-RM6, depending on the places. In Klang, customers are allowed to use their own tea and consume the hot water.

The original bak kut teh in Klang surely tastes better!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

'I Love You' Belgian Chocolates

Guylian has a range of chocolates for your selection. With the valentine's day coming, I found that the 'I Love You' belgian chocolates range is appropriate as gifts to loved ones.

This mini box of chocolates is packed in a beautiful red box, and 4 pieces of creamy chocolates in love shape and individually wrapped in gold wrappers.

Wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

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Lion Dance and Prosperity God

Its a privilege to have the lion dance and God of Prosperity visit to my office. In conjunction with the CNY and 9th day as one of the more auspicious day, the lion dance and God of Prosperity toured around the office and 'enhance' our prosperity.

For many corporations, its common to invite the lion dance to perform at the office premise including some rituals of opening the pomelo and mandarin oranges by the lion which is believed to bring good luck.

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Chen Chen Roast Goose Thigh Rice Set

We had this goose thigh rice set at Chen Chen, Pudu. The goose meat is harder than duck meat and tender than turkey meat. Not many place serve goose and in Pudu, there are 2 shops that have goose rice.

Adjacent to Chen Chen is Wei Wei Shop, but I found Chen Chen's food are more delicious than Wei Wei. Besides goose, Chen Chen also serve chicken, duck, tauhu, vegetables. The soup is free of charge.

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Chen Chen Hong Kong Goose and Duck

Chen Chen Hong Kong Goose and Duck is famous in the Pudu area. This stall is near the Pasar Baru wet market and the goose and duck are famous.

This stall has been around since I was small, my school bus would passed by this stall. The owner now is the second generation taking over from his dad. I wonder what is his secret, he still look youthful and has not grown old.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Auspicious Day to Start Work for CNY

Do you start work on an auspicious day after CNY? These are some of the auspicious day to start work.


6 Feb 2011(正月初四)09:00-11:00,此日为满辰日,肖狗勿用。

8 Feb 2011(正月初六)13:00-15:00,此日为定午日,肖鼠勿用。

12 Feb 2011(正月初十)11:00-15:00,此日为成戍日,肖龙勿用

And tonite is the 8th nite where the Chinese Hokkiens will have big feast to usher the 9th CNY day, which is greater than the first day.

Look forward to the fireworks till the midnight.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vietnam Kitchen Sets Menu

Eating at Vietnam Kitchen, you can be rest assured of the quality of the food. And to me, it comes with big portion too. For sets menu, you will be spoilt for choices with the variety to choose from, ranging from rice to noodles, beef, chicken or seafood sets.

The sets come with either rice or noodle, the 'main dish' like chicken, beef or seafood, kimchi, soup and fried Vietnamese popiah. For my celery beef set, I even have a 'sunny' egg topping my rice. All this for RM16.90.

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Good Place to Have Yee Sang

How many times have you 'Lou Sang' this CNY? If the normal chinese food is boring to you, Vietnam Kitchen has a Yee Sang promotion using salmon fish, that also comes with the 7 Fortune Platter.

Chinese loves the meaning of good words. You will notice that a lot of the dishes are given good names which is aimed at bringing good fortune to them.

This promotion is priced at RM138.

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Innovative Menu on Newspaper format

Vietnam Kitchen has came out with innovative idea by presenting their menu like a newspaper format. The various dishes are shown on the 'newspaper' which came in few pages.

Its interesting flipping through the 'newspaper' menu looking for delicious food to savour on.

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Vietnam Coffee @ Vietnam Kitchen

I went to Vietnam Kitchen to savour on a cup of Vietnam Coffee. The hot coffee is served in a glass with the pressurized coffee cup on top. The coffee dripped through the holes of the coffee cup into the glass. It was considered the thick range of coffee and nice smell.

The Vietnam coffee is available at RM6.90. Worth every cents!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Buddha @ Royal Selangor Pewter

I fell in love with this 'Little Buddha' statue which comprises of the Buddha's face and different hand gestures. The Dhamma-buddha's teachings is all about loving kindness, compassion and just quoting the way Lord Buddha said it:

"My teaching is not a philosophy. It is the result of direct experience... My teaching is a means of practice, not something to hold onto or worship. My teaching is like a raft used to cross the river. Only a fool would carry the raft around after he had already reached the other shore of liberation."

How many of you are practising instead of worshipping? Very interesting point ... I asked myself this question a lot too.. hmm...

Auspicious Bunnies and Blossoms for CNY

Look at this beautiful piece of art! I saw this at the Royal Selangor signature shop in Pavilion. It is one of the only 1000 pieces available worlwide. This limited edition Year of Rabbit plaque is crafted in pewter and embellised in 24K gold.

Besides being an auspicious CNY souvenier and gift, personally, it could also be Valentine's Day gift as it portays two beautiful bunnies in gold. May the relationship of the two person in love lasts as long as it should, just like the quality of gold and pewter, quality and style.

How is your plan to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Royal Selangor CNY Pewter Promotions

Royal Selangor has great promotions for the CNY pewter sets. Some of them come with discounted price as well. These includes the Blessings (Bamboo teapot and teacups), Peace (a pair of Lotus tealights),Harmony (Bamboo tea caddy) and Abundance (a pair of 4 seasons tumblers).

Other promotions include Luck (a pair of rabbit chopsticks rests), Fortune (Fu charm with red eternity knot), Year of Rabbit figurine, Year of Rabbit chpsticks and rest set and of course the much classic and elegant Limited Edition Year of Rabbit Plaque.

The promotions is while stocks lasts. As i know, the Abundance set is one of the bestseller, sold out in Penang and only left 2 sets (after i bought one set) in Pavilion.

Pavilion CNY Decorations

This is the main entrance of Pavilion during the CNY. It is beautifully decorated with tanglungs, cherry blossoms and greeted by 2 giant bunnies. When you stand here, you will hear the drums sound nearby.

The drum sound was from the main lobby inside, with big lion dance decorations, surrounded by giant drums. It is simple decorations and yet i find it very cultural to have all the red, yellow and pink decoration items around.

Beat this Drum for Prosperity!

For good wealth or prosperity? You can choose your preference for what you wish for this CNY. Just beat the drum and you will be on your way to good wealth, good health, prosperity or good luck and peace.

This is at the Pavilion main entrance, in front of Coach and Selangor Pewter store. Go and beat the drum too if you are in town and around Bukit Bintang area. Wish everyone Peace in the new Rabbit year.

Red Red Red Pavilion

This is the CNY decoration, picture taken from where the lion dance were in the next blogpost. It created very deep feelings for the CNY mood when i saw all the hanging lanterns in red and pink. It looks traditional and really tranform anyone into the chinese new year celebration mood.

If you feel that you have yet to feel the CNY mood around your place, head to Pavilion and you will be greeted by the beautiful decorations, beating of drum sounds (just like having lion dance around) and greetings by the giant bunnies and lion dance.

Toast Box - Mee Siam

Toastbox is a coffee place just like Old Town White Coffee, serving coffee, tea and variety of breads and of course some main dishes including Lontong and Mee Siam. I had my mee siam at Toast Box Pavilion recently and would like to share the food experience.

Initially i just wanted to try the famous Yin Yang(mixture of coffee and tea, quite famous in Malaysia), but wanted to have the Lontong(another local Malay food). However, it was sold out so i choosed Mee Siam.

I dont wish to be sue but i just want to share that the taste is not up to my liking, the mee siam is in spicy and sour thick soup, with weird coconut smell (santan?). I can just share that i prefer the Mee Jawa in Food Republic, Pavilion as compared to the mee siam. It is priced RM6.90, with additional 6% tax. However, beside the meehoon, the only 'toppings' were fried dried tauhu. I think the price is a little high for a bowl of meehoon in weird coconut, spicy and sour thick soup.

Pavilion Food Republic - Mee Jawa

This mee jawa is one of my favorite at Food Republic, Pavilion. Mee Jawa is Malay food, noodles in thick gravy, with chilli squid, egg, sambal,fried tauhu and topped with lettuce. The gravy is yummy, and the noodles are in big portion. All this priced at RM8.90, reasonable and worth every cent of it.

Toast Box 'Ying Yang'

I have heard good comments about Toast Box's YIn Yang (mixture of coffee and tea) so i bought a cup when i was at Pavilion recently. The Yin Yang is being made in front of me, with the 'barista' mixing the coffee and tea using coffee and teapots with long necks.

However, the Yin Yang was not as thick as i expected it to be. The hot Yin Yang is priced at RM3.20 inclusive of 6% government tax. Sinful drink as one of my friend called it, as it is topped with both condensed milk and evaporated milk, very fattening drink!

To be updated
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Favorite Illy Coffee - Latte and Mug-accino

Look at this beautiful coffee art made by Illy's barista! The love and leaves made by hot milk on top of the coffee. It made the coffee to beautiful to gulp them down my throat. The glass on the left was latte and the mug was cappucino, which Illy called Mugacino-cappucino in a mug!

Being a coffee lover and after enhancing my knowledge on coffee from Moses Chan's Coffee Confession program, i found Illy stores in Malaysia and fell in love the first sip! The creamy coffee was not only smooth, it tasted like heaven to the last drip!

To be updated
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Espressamente Illy Cafe

Illy by Espressamente served one of the best coffee in the world! My personal preference of the variety of coffee are their latte and cappucino in a mug, which Illy called Mug-acino. Creative name being created for it, ya!

Beside the conventional coffee, Illy also has coffee with liquer which i have yet to try. Everytime i am there, by default i would place an order for Mug-acino or Latte. So the next time i am there, i will try on the liquer coffee so that i can share the experience with the coffee lovers out there.

Coming March and April, Illy will be organising Barista course on experimenting coffee and how to make coffee art. Check out their website for more details.

NHF Organic Food - Jessie Chung

To be updated
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Pavilion Crystal Fountain - Grand Bloom of Fulfilment

This is another signature spot to snap photos at Pavilion. Located at the main entrance of Pavilion, this crystal fountain is beautifully built and at nights, there are different lightings that changes, from pink to green and blue.

The crystal fountain looks more beautiful at night, with the different lighting colors of the flowers. The next time you are in Pavilion, so make a trip to this scenic spot and snap some pictures for rememberance and good luck.

Dry Lux for Women by UniQlo

UniQlo has a lot of interesting promotions since it was launched in Fahrenheit end of last year. A lot of buzz has been created a few months before it was opened with many public buses painted in red and white with words of UniQlo all over, creating the awareness and curiosity for the brand.

I was attracted by its promotions in the recent newspapers on its Dry Lux technology for its fabric. And the good news was it is half the actual price, now RM24.90! After i tried on a few of the varieties, short sleeve, long sleeve and spagetti straps, i fell in love by its soft and thin texture. The material was cooling and feel like second skin to the body.

The Dry Lux is also available for men, same price but different colors.

To be updated
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UniQlo Heat Tech Winter Wear

Japanese famous fashion city, UniQlo is available now in Fahrenheit, Bukit Bintang. Previously known as KL Plaza, Fahrenheit was refurbished and relaunched end of last year with many new signature brands, including UniQlo.

This giant advertisement is spread across Fahrenheit building. Funny is Malaysia is a hot weather country, rarely we have cold weather, less alone winter or snowing. However, the marketing promotions still focus on its global trend in promoting winter wear.

I wonder why the marketing strategy is not locally based, or what we called 'glocal', global strategy with local approach. And it is interesting though to find that many Malaysians do buy the winter wear, with its own heat technology; whether Malaysians falls for the marketing gimmick or buy them for travelling to 4 seasons countries.

UniQlo rocks, no matter what, customers are still buying...

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Illy's Coffee Machine

Look at this 'futuristic design' coffee machine by Illy. It is for home use, come in 3 colors; white, black and red.

Priced at RM1600, and comes with a capsule of the coffee powder. The capsule can last for 21 days. So its about one month supply. Each capsule costs RM55.

Check them out at Pavilion or Bangsar Shopping Center.

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Win an Apple IPad?

Do you want to own an Apple Ipad? Check out this website and do a 5 minutes survey and be on your way to win an IPad or trip to Bali for free!

I got this contest form from Illy's Cafe.

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McDonald's 2011 CNY advertisement

I was impressed by McD's CNY advertisement, greeting 2011 using signature McD's food. Curly fries, Prosperity burger and orange juice, what more do you need to usher into the CNY for another year of wealth and prosperity.

Do you have a Prosperity set this CNY?
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Street Performance at Bukit Bintang

Perhaps its in conjunction with CNY, the street performer wore all golden and stood still at the street. At the back, the street band was entertaining us with music. There was also a petite model posing for guys to take photographs.

Recently, there are a lot of young generation performing along the street in Bukit Bintang. I was even amazed that a yoga practitioner performed stunning yoga moves there. How can she bend and move so flexibly?

There will never be a dull movement when you take a stroll along Bukit Bintang street. Take a stroll when you are in town.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Use Tesco Recycle Bags and Earn Green Club Points

Talking about green initiatives, I feel that Tesco is quite successful in encouraging customers to use recycle bags when shopping to avoid plastic bags usage.

Besides promoting the use of recycle bags, Tesco come out with many variations of recycle bags. From small size to xtra large, it definitely suit your buying style. The designs are quite trendy too. Sometimes, Tesco do tie-in with movies and come out with few cute and colorful bags; Toy Story 3 and Rapunzel being some of them.

The best part is Tesco gives earning points when you shop with recycle bags. So, bring your own shopping bags the next time you shop at Tesco!

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'Made in China' Coach Bags - Authentic or Fake?

If you think you bought an original Coach bags from Coach signature stores or factory outlets and found out that it is made in China, fret not! It is authentic. The fact is most of Coach bags are now manufactured in China.

It just creates a funny feelings that sometimes we spend so much on getting luxury goods and think it is made in US, and got to know that it is actually made somewhere close to home, in the Asia region mostly. We travel or more often the goods travel half the globe, while we can purchase them closer to home.
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Gentle Yoga

I went to a yoga class today. It has been few years since I stepped into a yoga class. I completed my beginners course back in 2002 and since then drop in for yoga class once in a while.

The Gentle Yoga class that I attended is not gentle at all. Perhaps its due to long time not doing flexibility exercise, my whole body was stiff and as hard as rock. The regulars were doing it at ease, by bending whole body, with chest on knees, and I was like sitting straight, cannot even push forward an extra mm!

It is a good stretching class nevertheless and inspired me to increase my flexibility level. Maybe will opt for Hot Yoga, another variation of yoga the next time I go yoga class.

Impressed by the ladies, some in forties and fifties, yet they are so flexible and can bend bodies with ease. Am sure that took them some months if not years to reach that level.

Am I wonder why some people says yoga is not challenging?

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai Greetings from Selangor Government

I got this greetings card from the Selangor government, lead by Tan Sri Dato Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. With the shift of social media, this is the only hardcopy card that I received this CNY.

Back to school times, I will buy packs of CNY cards to deliver to friends and relatives. Nowadays, we greet each other at Facebook and send online greetings.

The shift of social media is so great and last few years we see that the social media like Facebook, blogs, tweets, wikis have made great impact to our lives. Are we getting more values or become the slave to these social media? Hmm...

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Acupressure Slimming

My cousin sisters went to JB for a famous sifu for acupressure slimming. It seems that the acupressure to the different points in our body stimulates the nodes for lymphatic drainage and then further stimulate slimming process.

When in Singapore, I did saw some advertisement on Straits Times promoting acupressure slimming. There are even photos to show the thunder thighs become slim thighs and bulgy tummy become flattened iron board!

As it is tempting to get the good results, is it really effective if one does not change lifestyle? Is there any such centers in KL? Do let me know...

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Do You Believe In Miracle Water? - SKII Pitera based Solutions

SKII has one of the most successful marketing strategy I would say for its 'Miracle Water' or Facial Treatment Essence. Actresses featured all have clear and smooth skin like this Japanese actress, Haruka Ayase.

A bottle of Miracle Water is costing like RM300! No wonder it is called miracle water, I mean, it should be for the whooping cost of the solutions.

Have you try Miracle Water before? What is your own experience? Worth the price or not?

The recent promotions for a week to two promotion set priced at RM199 is sold out in most SKII counters. Talking about miracle, I really think that the Miracle Water brings in miracle to SKII by boosting its sales and profit.

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SHINS - Awards Winning Products 2010

SHINS is a beauty shop just like SASA, however the range of products is more focusing in hair products and other beauty signature products.

Check out some of their best products. Do not know where to start? You can refer to its 2010 award winning products such as King & Queens Jesmine, Ecotools make up brush set, Fudge Salt Spray, Dr Lab BB, Micro 0ell Nail Repair, Lakme Active, Young Blood Foundation and Bloom Full and Flirty Mascara.

You can also get a copy of its SHINS Says newsletter, which feature some of its signature products. Its latest newsletter features Microcell Nail Care collection, Ecotools brush set and some signature hair products like Lakme Chalk, Fudge Salt Spray, Carlton Crystal Conditioner and Lakme Rings Curl Activation Balm.

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Kids Acrobatic Performance Part 1

These 3 pretty girls did a stunning performance focusing on their flexibility and bending their bodies.

How could they do this act? Speechless...

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Hailam Kopitiam, Original from Kuala Pilah

Coffee shops is a growing trend in Malaysia. We have the famous Old Town White Coffee, George Town Coffee, Kluang Station and recently, I found Hailam Kopitiam. All of these are run using the franchise concept so they are accessible at major shopping centers.

I personally love the hot roasted coffee, which is its flagship coffee. The one in Jusco Malacca is always filled with customers. Business was so good that the butter kaya bread was sold out when we placed our order!

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Jusco's Bedding and Interior Fair

Check out the beddings and interior fair with the Valentine's theme. There are cute bedsheets promotions from Akemi and Windsir for all single, queen and king size.

They are available for fitted sheet set, comforter set and also quilt cover set. How often do you make up your bedroom? It does desire a makeover and some attention.

So do take this Valentine's Day as a good reason to makeover the bedroom and add some colors into your room.

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Happy Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's Day falls on the 12th day of CNY this year. It would be a double celebration for the Chinese as few days after that, on 15th of CNY or more known as Chap Goh Mei is the Chinese Valentine's Day.

Do you already have plans to celebrate Valentine's Day? Jusco is having Valentine's Day promotion from 1st till 14th Feb 2011. Do check out the fragrances and toiletries gift sets for men and women. Brands like Shiseido, Lancome, Tommy Hilfiger, Kose, DKNY, Moschino, Burberry, BOSS and more are having promotions.

What is your ideal gift for Valentine's or the dream gift you wish to receive? Will you tell or hint your loved ones to give you the presents that you desire?

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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Daiso is Available Now @ Jusco, Malacca

Daiso is famous Japanese shops selling food and merchandise at RM5 for all items. We could get a lot of innovative household products here.

A collection of 22,000 products are available; ranging from bathroom, cosmetic tools, stationeries, tableware, toys and etc.

For parents fancy bento-making for kids, Daiso is a fun place to shop for bento gadgets ranging from food cutters, sushi shaper, egg-shaper, food picks, tupperwares and more.

In Malacca, there is another Daiso shop in Dataran Pahlawan. In Klang Valley, Daiso is found at IOI Mall and The Curve.

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Saturday is No Plastic Bag Day

For 2011 onwards, Saturday has been declared as no plastic bag day. Do remember to bring along some recycle bags the next time you go shopping!

If you forget to bring recycle bags, fret not. The plastic bag is available for sale at 20 cents per bag. Major department stores and supermarkets already launch this campaign.

Nowadays I do carry along recycle bags in mini-bags, something like the size of a big strawberry for convenience while shopping and do my bit in saving the environment.

Have you play your part? Support a greener environment!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ping Chat for Blackberry, IPhone and Android Phones

Have you heard of Ping Chat? It is the most famous free text, video and picture messaging apps for mobile devices. If you are using Blackberry, IPhone or Android phones, you can send and receive messages, photos, videos and voice notes with your mobile data plan or wifi connection. The best part is Ping Chat is FREE!

The features includes:

a. Work on all devices - its easier for friends to stay connected since it can be installed on

different devices.

b. Always online - Once you instal and register Ping Chat, you are always online. You dont

have to sign in or wait for your contacts to sign in to start chatting.

c. Push Notifications - You will always be notified when you receive a new message. You are

always connected.

d. Full Media Support - Supports video, pictures and voice notes. New: send your location to

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CNY Message from the Government

This advertisement was from the government, preaching living a healthy lifestyle in the new rabbit year. What better lifestyle than maintaining great health by balancing work and life, quit smoking, reduce sugar and salt intake and spend some time on fitness activity.

What is your CNY aspiration? Funny is during western new year, our aspiration will be a long list to do this and that, for CNY, it is usually for prosperity and great wealth!

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CNY Must Haves - Dried Meat

Chinese love to eat dried meat during the festive season. Shops are seen selling the dried sausages and dried duck meat which are commonly used for exchanging gifts during visits to relative's house and also served as one of the dishes during CNY.

These food are quite pricy, but yet many are still buying them, be it for tradition or to add on the environment for CNY celebration. These preserved food remain one of the must-haves for CNY! Do you buy some for this CNY?

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Amitabha Statues

Buddha or sometimes known as Amitabha is a man known for renouncing the world more than 2500 years ago for a deeper purpose.

Buddha teachings, Dhamma promotes middle path, simply kindness and compassion. Nowadays, aside being used as a worship item, the Amitabha statues are also used for decorations and interior designs.

Statues, paintings and other ornaments are used as spiritual promotional items. One of such place is the Kechara House, a large collection of spiritual items are sold.

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Face Reading and Palm Reading

Chinese literally have a lot of traditional beliefs and practices. Most Chinese belief in having good features will enhance the fengshui that one carries throughout this life.

Palm and face readings are so common nowadays that the Face/Palm reading expert set up stalls at major night markets or shopping centers.

Do you believe that having small eyes mean that the person is cunning? What about a mole on the nose means that a person can't save money? Or light/sparse eyebrows mean the person is faint-hearted and do not have good chi?

For me, I think it has its 'truth' to certain extent. Combining with fengshui knowledge like those from Joey Yap, we can enhance our understanding of good fengshui and enhancing our lives. However, its not worth it to be a 'fengshui fanatic' until it rules our lives.

I am learning too from Joey Yap, and got 'convinced' from his Fengshui Profiling. Do check them out yourself!

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Giant Teapots Serving Cooling Herbal Tea

Fancy cooling herbal tea on a hot day? Look out for Chinese shops selling the variety of herbal tea to quench thirst and replenish the body. Some even come with 'extra powder', usually that means more bitter to quickly cure heatiness and sore throat.

Look out for '五花茶'(em fa cha) or '王老吉'(wong lou kat), commonly available at these herbal shops.

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King of Mandarin Oranges - in mini sizes

Have you tried the King of Mandarin Oranges? They are available in mini size, like one fifth of the normal mandarin oranges. They are sweeter and with less 'fibre', so it is easier to swallow together with its juice.

Which is your favorite, King of Mandarin Orange, Lokam or Teochew Kam?

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