Monday, February 7, 2011

Gentle Yoga

I went to a yoga class today. It has been few years since I stepped into a yoga class. I completed my beginners course back in 2002 and since then drop in for yoga class once in a while.

The Gentle Yoga class that I attended is not gentle at all. Perhaps its due to long time not doing flexibility exercise, my whole body was stiff and as hard as rock. The regulars were doing it at ease, by bending whole body, with chest on knees, and I was like sitting straight, cannot even push forward an extra mm!

It is a good stretching class nevertheless and inspired me to increase my flexibility level. Maybe will opt for Hot Yoga, another variation of yoga the next time I go yoga class.

Impressed by the ladies, some in forties and fifties, yet they are so flexible and can bend bodies with ease. Am sure that took them some months if not years to reach that level.

Am I wonder why some people says yoga is not challenging?

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