Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Depressed Society

Are we living in a depressed society? It is indeed depressing to hear so many suicidal cases lately, and even sadder is the young and innocent are also not spared in order to be 'suicide companion' for their parents.

Less than 2 weeks since we hear the depressing news of a young 5 year old girl being pushed to her death from an apartment building before her mother jumped from another building with their bodies 50 meters apart, today's news shown that there are 2 sisters, aged 4 and 1 year old passed away after her mother popped high dosage of hypertension pills into their milk before popping the pills herself. The mother survived but the 2 poor girls died!

Depression is a serious illness which is not noticable by many of us. It is a silent killer. Depressed people are worried about so many things and for mothers, its common to have mild to serious depression upon delivery of baby.

I still remembered last year when I was warded for dengue, there was a patient who ran away from the hospital. She suffered medium depression upon delivery of her daughter, who already turned twelve. To some depressed patient, they do not know why they behave in such a way, some linked it with hormonal changes, added responsibilities, bad debt, failed love relationships and more.

In the social media such as Facebook, depressed people already shown signs by posting suicidal notes, depressing sharings and helpless feelings. These all are signs that they need help. However, it is sad that no one or most people do not take those posts seriously.

Teenagers and youths are opened with sharing of feelings in Facebook. Are our younger generation so stressed in their lives? Let's pay more attention to our loved ones and friends. Spend time to talk and care for them.

Let's not hear about another suicidal attempts and the innocent kids are also affected. Its heartsick to hear about the sudden losses of the beautiful children of Malaysia. Pick up the phone and call a loved one today!

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