Friday, February 4, 2011

Ping Chat for Blackberry, IPhone and Android Phones

Have you heard of Ping Chat? It is the most famous free text, video and picture messaging apps for mobile devices. If you are using Blackberry, IPhone or Android phones, you can send and receive messages, photos, videos and voice notes with your mobile data plan or wifi connection. The best part is Ping Chat is FREE!

The features includes:

a. Work on all devices - its easier for friends to stay connected since it can be installed on

different devices.

b. Always online - Once you instal and register Ping Chat, you are always online. You dont

have to sign in or wait for your contacts to sign in to start chatting.

c. Push Notifications - You will always be notified when you receive a new message. You are

always connected.

d. Full Media Support - Supports video, pictures and voice notes. New: send your location to

friends and family

e. Group Chat - the only cross platform messaging apps that offers flawless group chat

integration. You can chat with one or ten friends at a time.

Download the apps and let's stay connected!

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