Friday, February 4, 2011

Face Reading and Palm Reading

Chinese literally have a lot of traditional beliefs and practices. Most Chinese belief in having good features will enhance the fengshui that one carries throughout this life.

Palm and face readings are so common nowadays that the Face/Palm reading expert set up stalls at major night markets or shopping centers.

Do you believe that having small eyes mean that the person is cunning? What about a mole on the nose means that a person can't save money? Or light/sparse eyebrows mean the person is faint-hearted and do not have good chi?

For me, I think it has its 'truth' to certain extent. Combining with fengshui knowledge like those from Joey Yap, we can enhance our understanding of good fengshui and enhancing our lives. However, its not worth it to be a 'fengshui fanatic' until it rules our lives.

I am learning too from Joey Yap, and got 'convinced' from his Fengshui Profiling. Do check them out yourself!

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