Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome Rabbit Year, Goodbye Tiger Year

May the prosperity God knocks on your door, brings you loads of direct and indirect wealth.

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Street Singer at Chinatown

This apek sang at the Chinatown and perform basking, that is the term being used. Some of them do have the licence to bask while some others just put on their gadgets and sing to the crowd.

The lighted up trees also added to the atmosphere.

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Mangosteen & Queen, Vivocity

Check out this place by the Harbor Front, overseeing Sentosa in Singapore. It is a great place to spend the afternoon or night with family and friends and enjoy the scenic view of Sentosa across the harbour.

The fish and chips received great reviews. However, perhaps I am on low fat/oil diet, I don't fancy the deep fried way of cooking the fish. It is crispy but oily.

The set lunch is reasonably priced around SGD 16 to SGD 20, comes with soup/dessert and a choice of carbonated drink/tea.

I can see the adjacent monorails and cable cars that fetch people to the Sentosa Island.

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Cash Back with AMEX is back!

The great promotion by AMEX is back! From now till end Feb, you are entitled to 15% cash back when you use your AMEX card.

All you have to do is to sms card number to 62628 and start to cash back! Its a lot of money, every RM100 spent, you can cash back RM15, which will be crediting into your account.

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Haagen Dazs VIP Member

Exclusive for Haagen Dazs VIP members! Tuesday is Haagen Dazs Day where discounts of 30% is given to members.

The sad thing is that the VIP membership is halted. Reason? Because the response was so great that the backroom office could not meet up with expectation in processing the cards.

Hope that Haagen Dazs can relook into this matter. It is sad that there are ready customers but they are rejected because of halt by the backroom processing.

Some process improvement of simplification can surely help Haagen Dazs in increasing its card processing to give more opportunities to customers to indulge in the fantastic ice creams.

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Reunion Dinner

We had our reunion dinner at my mom's place yesterday. What is common to us on a reunion dinner is the fish.

We had pomfret fishes, to symbolize '年年有余'which means that we always have enough for the next year. Roast duck and 'kampung' chicken soup are another musts for us too.

What about your reunion dinner? Have you started lou sang already with family and friends?

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Chinese New Year Lou Sang

Had Lou Sang with colleagues at Unique Seafood Restaurant in PJ, Seksyen 14. The seafood place is special, with the seafood being breed live.

Customers can select the seafood they fancy and cooked for a delicious meal. For Lou sang and course lunch/dinner, a few options are available.

The tiger prawns and garoupa fish were so fresh that I can taste the freshness of them. Will bring my family for a seafood course at this place.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Volkswagen Golf - Rabbit Edition

Volkswagen Singapore came out with a special edition Golf Rabbit, priced at SGD 111,800 with COE. It is claimed to be available only in Singapore. As the hatchback was also named Rabbit until recently in the US markets. As it is also a rabbit year this coming Chinese New Year, so the marketing strategy coincides nicely for Volkswagen.

Check out the metallic red Golf Rabbit, which is available for sale in the Singapore city since 29 Jan 2011. Usher into the new chinese new year with a brand new Golf Rabbit - that really rocks!

Chines New Year Decorations @ Mid Valley

The Chinese New Year decorations at Mid Valley is special @ Mid Valley this year. It looks like a streets being decorated to usher the new year.

The many stalls are decorated with traditional rooftops and the centre court were filled with red tanglungs, cherry blossoms and lion dance.

Most of the shops are having sales up to 70%. Jusco is selling Yeo's packet drinks at RM10.18 and Carlsberg at RM76.88, the cheapest I can find for this chinese new year! Check them out if you have yet to shop for chinese new year!

We had bought Carsberg at Tesco at RM88.88 and later at Giant at RM82.88. Seems like Jusco is the lowest price for chinese new year items.

Mushrooms are cheap too, at RM8.00, original price RM23.88. Hai, we had bought at more expensive price earlier at Eu Yan Sang, which was having promotions too.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

National Geographic Concept Store

I like this store in Vivocity. A lot of interesting things to see and experience. There is even a room for you to experience being in super cold, -49 degree celcius!

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Seremban Siewpow in Singapore

I found this store in Chinatown! We have Malaysia's famous Seremban siewpow in Singapore city. Am so proud ..:)

This shop sells variety of buns or we called it 'siewpow' locally. The famous one is the barbeque pork bun. Now, there are more variety including chicken, tuna and other flavors.

Go to Chinatown if you have not try it! Recommend you to try the pork siewpow.

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Low Crime in Singapore

Singapore is known as a city with low crime. Going out till late nights and walking to go back to home or hotel past midnight is normal.

I had the experience of catching the last train back to hotel almost midnite and walking alone. I could only do this with assurance and reassurance of friends and colleagues that it is pretty safe in Singapore. Don't think I will dare to do that back in my home.

However I know that things should not be taken for granted. Just as I saw this bunting reminding us that low crime does not mean no crime. It is important to always be alert of the surroundings and protect ownself and belongings at all times.

This bunting is frequently shown around the Chinatown area. I was also forewarned by the cab driver to be more careful when in Chinatown especially during this festive season. It will be jam packed with people.

Keep up the great job, Singapore!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Silk Air - Giving Old Immigration Forms to Passengers

In recent trip to Singapore, Silk Air hostess provided the immigration form to non-Singaporeans to be filled in. However, when we reach the custom counters, we were not allowed to go through and have to refill a new form. When i clarified its reasons, it seems that we have used the old form!

My disappointment with Silk Air was how come the old forms still be used while the custom already given directive to use the new form. If i remember correctly, the old form is Form 27, while the new form is Form 27E. I hope that Silk Air team can take note on this.

Prawn Mee @ Beach Road

This stall along Beach Road is famous for the prawn mee. There are 2 types of prawns, the medium size with the shells being removed, and the XL size, with the shells still intact. I prefer the M size prawn, partly also that i do not need to 'unskin' the prawns. I love the soup prawn mee.

There is another version of prawn mee with 3 types variety; prawns, pork ribs and pork tails. Any version also simply delicious. Who says we cant get delicious food in Singapore?

SEPHORA @ ION, Orchard - Largest in Asia, Second Largest in the World

Photo is courtesy from Been to this large store recently with my girlfriends. This place is HUGE! It has the largest brands of makeups and skincares under one roof. Excited too to have the Sephora in KL, Malaysia which is located in front of Pavilion shopping mall and Starhill.

Do you fancy any product from Sephora and complaint that you could not get it in this part of the world? Now the good news is that it is available in Singapore now and very soon in Malaysia. Stay pretty and shop at this wonderful heaven for women, and some men too ..:)

Apps Download to Hit 17.7 Billion in 2011

Applications for mobile downloads is projected to hit 17.7 billion in 2011, as the research firm, Gartner(Washington) shared its projection. Out of it, 80% would be free downloads. It is also projected that by 2014, more than 185 billion apps will be downloaded.

Apple announced that it has hit 10 billion applications downloads recently. This also spurs its rival such as Nokia, Blackberry, Android and others to launch their own apps stores. Are you good at programming? It is a big market to tap into. Do start writing apps for Iphone, Blackberry, Nokia or Android in your free time and you could be on your way to be the next millionaire, just like the owner of 'Angry Bird', infamous interesting game for Iphone and Android.

Bak Kwa - Malaysia vs Singapore

Most of us buy 'Bak Kwa' or barbequed pork for Chinese New Year. In Singapore, there is a price hike in bak kwa again, now it is selling at around SGD50 per kg. Comparing to Malaysia, i think is is around RM 40-50 too, not RM32.00 as reported in Straits Times. Perhaps it was the price of 600 grammes.

It seems that some Singaporeans bought Bakkwa from Malaysia and bring back to the country. However, it is illegal to do so as the food is not approved by the AVA, (food approval authority).
Nevertheless, many people are queing at the Bee Cheng Hiang counters and bought their bak kwa. Now there are many selections and flavours, from pork, chicken, beef and prawn.

Which is your favorite flavor? Do check out the mini packets of bak kwa, which is easier to consume and allow for calorie control since one packet is made up of very small piece. I think the normal one piece can be cut into like 20 pieces?

Red Hot Undies - Brings Good Luck?

Have you buy anything in red to usher into the new Rabbit year? If not, do consider butying red hot undies, as Lady Luck loves to associate with the Lady in Red which is known to be auspicious.

In other months, it seems that the red undergarments are challenging to be sold in this region as women prefer black, white or nude. However, for Chinese New Year season, red lingerie is a top preference for many women. Red is associated with the fire element in the chinese metaphysics. There are five elements altogether; fire, water, metal, earth and wood.

Red is a auspicious color as it is deemed to bring along good luck to the wearer and kick away evil spirits. For those who loves to gamble during Chinese new year and dont want to wear red in the outside and look like a BIG walking angpow, can consider in investing on red hot undies to bring over more luck to win at mahjong tables, card games and poker.

So what are you waiting? Go and get yourself a new pair of red hot undies! hehehe ...

Coffee Club, Orchard

I had berry tea at Coffee House which was located at Orchard recently. It is a nice place to spend the night catching up with friends. Despite the famous coffee which was recommended by my friend, I had the Berry tea instead, as i was very thirsty and need something refreshing to quench my thirst.
However, the taste is not to my liking, i wont say it is not nice, as i dont want to be sued like Mr Poh on his encounter at a restaurant in the East Malaysia. I would just say that it is not my preference. My expectation was something different as the name 'berry' should give me, but to me, i personally feel it taste a little bit like medicine.
However, that does not stop me to return to try the coffee. I should just heed my friend's recommendation to try their best-selling product-coffee! I will return, Coffee Club.

Pork Chop OR Pork Choc?

Can you believe this? Is it a choc or pork chop? It is a mixture of both and we called it the 'pork-choc'. Innovative product to welcome the coming chinese new year, this pork-choc is made by Singapore company, Cacao7, which is famous for making low-carb chocolates.
The first time i have tasted that pork jerky or locally called as 'rougan', 'nyuk-konn' or 'lonng-nyuk' which means barbequed pork was in the chocolate that the designer bags 'Che Che' carries, during Christmas 2010. Now, i got to know that Singapore's Cacao7 produce the dark chocolate in squares, topped with barbequed pork.
The dark chocolate is bitter sweet, topped with the barbequed pork which is 'fatty' and sweet creates a harmony mix of taste, with the barbequed pork lending a little sweetness for the bitter dark chocolate.
It is available at SGD 26 for 32 pieces and also SGD52 for 64 pieces. It seems that Singapore never fails to impress me with its unique and outstanding products and discovery.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Day - Malaysia Chinese New Year Movie

Malaysia also lauched its CHinese New Year movie recetly. It is called '天天好天 Great Day', starring local artistes such as Jack Lim and some of the Myfm radio crew. It tells the heartwarming stories of 2 old folks who run away from old folks home to meet up with their kids.
And the story ends with a Chinese New Year reunion at the old folks home.

The Chinese New Year songs are sung by Astro and the Myfm crew, and it really gives me meaning and sets the environment for Chinese New Year mood. I especially love the song '天天好天 Great Day'. Do view it at Youtube!

How i wish too, like the song lyrics, Everyday is a great day! It is possible with chnage of mindset. So for the coming Rabbit Year, let us make everyday a great day!

Homecoming - Singapore Chinese New Year Movie

Have you already a list of movies to watch for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays? I will definitely check the 'Homecoming' movie out. It is a great feeling to watch Singapore chinese movies as i always enjoyed the deep message and social and cultural values lies within.

This movie is about 3 stories for 3 different people going home for Chinese New Year. One of the highlights have Jack Neo cross-dressing as Ah Niu's mother. Ah Niu is Malaysia famous singer who recently also gone into acting and producing his own movie, KACANG PUPPY LOVE 《初恋红豆冰》.

It is rather short at 90 minutes, and i am sure it is funny and enjoyable to the every minute.

Gateway Building and Feng Shui

What do you think about the feng shui of this building, since it has sharp edges. Is it good or bad to have sharp edges especially from an interior view. I think it is great and the sharp edge will complement to build strength for all the tenants.

Perhaps we shall get the views of Lilian Too or Joey Yap? Which is your favorite fengshui master? Some prefer Lilian while another group fancy Joey Yap. Have you check your fengshui for the coming chinese new year? Is the year of rabbit or bunny is going to bring you more luck and wealth?

Do you personally believe in the purchase of the fengshui ornaments and products will enhance your fengshui? What if the fengshui instructions is not something that you fancy, will you do that
? End of the day, i feel it is a choice within. However for Chinese, once belief, we will belief wholeheartedly.

Gateway Building, Singapore

I am fascinated by this bilding! Gateway building is consists of 2 towers, the East Gateway and West Gateway. At different angle that you see the building, it give a different perspective. There is one angle that i am impressed is the view looked like a piece of card/metal. How can that happened?
In the building interior, as i walked around to find out the mystery, there are 2 corners with very sharp edges that nothing can be placed there, either leave empty, or put very narrow stuffs. I have seen plants being put at that corner.
Check it out the next time you are around this place. The architect is just so creative! The building is designed with the purpose that at different position, it will send you a different view.
Cool? Absolutely!

Creative Lou Sang during Chinese New Year

It is common that we will have 'Lousang' with family and friends during Chinese New Year. Have you give a thought that rather than having the conventional dish, you can be creative and add some other food or replacement into it. Think of raw vegetables, nuts and fruits. As for the meat, you can choose your favorite meat.

Tossing the Lousang symbolises good luck and good wealth in the coming chinese new year and the fish symbolise the wish for a year full of abundance of everything. It is also not cheap in ordering the dish in restaurants, so do consider to make your own Lousang, with your favorite food and it is more healthy!

Hormone Replacement for Women (Menopausal hormone therapy)

I read an interesting article in the Straits Times today and think that it is great to share with women friends and readers. It is about hormone replacement for women. All of us, we cannot deny that will grow old and reach menopause stage.

Menopause is the time that there is extreme hormonal change in women body. Hormone oestrogen decreases as we age, and it is important for healthy bones, heart and blood vessels. Less oestrogen also contributes to women getting heart disease, vaginal dryness when intercourse and also osteoporosis, or what chinese used to mistaken for 'wind in the bone' or artritis.

The hormone replacement therapy is reported to reduce the menopausal symptoms, incease good and decrease bad cholesterol, and helps in reducing colon cancer, bone density loss and reduced risk of osteoporosis related bone fractures. However, the therapy is not without its risks and side effects.

It slighly increase the risk of breast cancer, increase the risk of gallstones, development of blod clots and side effects such as spotting, cramping, bloating and also the tenderness of the breast. So it is a personal choice whether to go on a hormonal replacement therapy or menopausal hormone therapy. Doctos usually advise the lowest effective dosage for the shortest time.

There are also some other alternative choices which includes natural hormones such as estriol, natural progreterone and vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Another option is in modifying the lifestyle and avoid situations where the internal temperature will go up. Exercise such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing will help in reducing the effects of menopause.

Coach Bag - CC monogram

I fell in love.. with Coach. I just love the designs and its monogram with word CC. CC is my name; Chris Chan. Recent launch of the Poppy series has helped Coach to capture more markets with its revamped designe which are more trendy and fashionable, suitable for the taste of the younger generation.

Comparing purchases in different countries, purchase in US is the cheaper, followed by Malaysia and Hong Kong. US is especially cheap when there are sales, my colleague managed to buy 50% +30%, so a bag that costs RM2000, she bought it at USD100! How can that be?

Looking forward to my shopping trip to US to 'sapu' the goodies from there. No point want to buy it so expensive here. What about you? Will you buy it here or in US?

Secret Garden - Worth Watching Korean Drama starring Hyun Bin

It has been some time since i watched new korean drama. A chat over dinner with friends revealed that this new korean drama is a hit. Is is worth watching, with good story line and of course starring Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin was the actor for 'Kim San Soon', which i watched like more than 5 years ago?
It is about the love story of a rich guy and a stuntwoman. At one incident, they even switched body and more interesting encounters happened after that. If you are like me, who have not watched korean drama for ages, its great to catch up on this. Remember to watch in Korean language and not the translated into Chinese one, in order to hear the beauty of Korean language. I just understand a few, anyeong haseyo, saraheyo which means greetings and I Love You, hehe

Famous Taiwan Mochi & Jelly - available @ Chinatown

If you have friends and relatives coming back from Taiwan, more often than not, you will receive the snacks in term of mochi or jelly in cute mini packages. These snacks are now available at Chinatown in Singapore. These colorful and simply delicious snacks are great for own snacks and making into souveniers/gifts for friends and families.

It is also great for serving guests for coming Chinese New Year. They can be served in a cute basket decorated with cherry blossoms flowers and ribbons. I do not know the price in Taiwan, here in Singapore, it is SGD 1.50 -1.80 per 100 gram. For the jelly, 100 g is around 3 pieces. As for the jelly, it is around 5-6 pieces.

Due to great competition, some stalls are very creative with food tasting generously, by giving out the mochi and jelly to potential/non-potential customers. They certainly taste delicious! Next time you are at Chinatown, stop by these Taiwanese snacks stalls and ask for free tasting. The sellers will be more than happy to let you try the different flavors available.

*photo courtesy from snapsg

EZCombs Stretching Hair Accessory

Check out the EZCombs, click here for the links to its Youtube for a demo on how it enhances your hairstyle. A stroll to the Chinatown gave me the opportunity to stumble on this innovative item. It is also available for sale on TV, by placing orders to those in the western country.

For those in Singapore, you can head to Chinatown to get one, two or three at a cheaper price. 1 for SGD5 and 3 for SGD10, free a free DVD showing the demo on creating the different styles to your hair.

The two combs at sides, make sure is made of metal so that it can be bend and flexible around the hair. With this, holding hair in a bun is so easy and looks so trendy. Check it out!

Good Luck Hair Clip

Impressed by this innovative product. Got it from Singapore Chinatown, also known as Niu Che Sui.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Joey Yap and Feng Shui

Joey Yap is famous feng shui master in this region. A reunion with some old friends recently and the topic of fengshui and Joey Yap surfaced. Being hopeful for a better year in the Year of the bunny, we are curious as what Joey Yap has to say for the Chinese feng shui enthusiasts.

Are you into Bazi and Profiling? Learn more at I am also curious and eager to decode the Bazi and what and how it can enhance my life, so to say. Happy exploring!

Singaporeans Youth - Young and Happy

Singapore Straits Times today revealed that the Singaporeans youth are a bunch of young and happy people. Of a rating of 7, the overall happiness rate is 5.5. On a 10 scale life satisfaction, they rated 7.7. Singaporeans are also patriotic, 95% claimed that they are!

National Youth Council released this yesterday based on survey results for those aged 15-34. Am glad that i am still eligible for this group called as 'youth'. Young people also value work life balance and reported spending 10 hours a week with their parents. This makes me think, Do i spend that amount of time with my parents too? hmmm...

Differentiating from the recent 'tiger-mum' issues, Singaporeans youth are more family oriented, and spend more time with family despite busy schedules compared to as five years ago. This is a good sign, and i feel the same too is happening in Malaysia, people realised that there is larger life out there than only work, which is obviously is also an important element to many of us.

One interesting findings is on youth perception to marriage, 48% perceived that one should marry, 35% feel it is better to marry, 16% says it is not necesary to marry and 1% view that it is better not to marry.

Back to neighbouring country, Malaysia, i wonder if our Youth Council have this kinda survey and am interested to know the perception of Malaysian youth on the similar issues. Do share if you have the data. Well, its good news to hear that Singaporeans youth are happy people. Credit have to be given to this young people as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Contests 2011 for Malaysians

Check out Offer Station for exciting contests in 2011 for those who want to try your luck and win some cool prizes. Everyone can be big winner. Believe that you will be lucky this time!

Good luck!

Babies and TFR in Singapore

As i was reading the Singapore Straits Times, there were certain colums which shared views on the all time low Total Fertility Rate(TFR) for Singapore, which is at 1.16. What are the reasons fot the low fertility rate? Is it by choice?

Being in the rate race, to maintain certain lifestyle, infertility, stress, commitment are some of the top reasons that couples do not have babies. It is low despite the 'incentives' by government with 4 months of maternity leave. Obviously, it is not the only thing to consider when bearing a child.

As the saying goes, ' 3 minutes of enjoyment, 3 generations suffers' is the extreme explanation on the pressure to look after not the kids, but also the grandchildren. So the question is back to couples, are you ready to take on the new roles and responsibilities as parents, with no sabbatical leave, no time-off, all work and play(it depends).

Year of the Rabbit & Playboy = Good Business in Asia?

The zodiac for the coming Chinese New Year is rabbit. Rabbit is adorable, cute pet animal being loved by young and old. Photos courtesy from Playboy shown that the company is hopeful that the upcoming new year in February will bring in more business for Playboy especially with its latest nightclub opened in Macau recently. The brand also carry many products with its iconic rabbit head image.

The infamous Playboy magazine is banned in China and created chaotic situations in Indonesia were making losses especially with competition from internet. To really turn the company around, the company need innovative ideas and products to make a comeback. So may the Bunny year is going to make Playboy prospers and regain its market share.

What Playboy product do you own?

Chinese New Year Hamper - DIY

Photo courtesy from to illustrate my view and thanks to a email freom Amily sharing on DIY Chinese New Year hampers. It is more meaningful and shows our creativity when we could spend some time in wrapping the Chinese new year gifts to relatives and friends via DIY. All we need are the mandarin oranges, other food/gift products, basket, ribbons and wrapper(optional).

Giving during festive seasons are common especially visiting elders and close friends and relatives. It is also a time to rekindle friendship and stronger family bonds through catching up with each other. Singles will dread the Question, 'When are you going to get married and give angpow?', the married ones are pressured by 'When are you going to have kids?' and kids are being asked 'How is study and school?'.

Nevertheless, hope the new Rabbit year going to bring us more luck and hope. May the world be a better place to everyone.

F Cup Cookie - Bust Enhancing Cookie

I have heard and seen about this 'magical' bust enhancing product for some time and have been curious about it. Just that i do not have the guts to try it out. Do you believe it? By eating the chocolate cookie, you can enhance your bust size, well perhaps not that extreme to F cup like Jolin Tsai, but a cup bigger is every woman's dream come true.

It was highlighted in Singapore Straits Times today on the complaints made by 3 teenage girls and their moms over the medical effects such as gastric pain, diarrhoea and not forgetting the long term effect of the so called plant based oestrogen called pueraria mirifica.

This product is yet to be cleared by the authority but it has been made available via the blogshops in internet. Talking about globalization, our kids now can easily shop online and ignorant parents will easily been 'trapped' that their kids are just snacking on some delicious cooki, little to their horror that it may have long term effect on health and cancer-prone.

It is very tempting though to pop the cookie in the mouth, beside being delicious, it can help women to make their dream come true. Being shallow thinking and pressure from society to have Barbie Doll figure has affected the puberty and normal growth of our children. Slim and thin are adored, and children as young as 5 years old are reported to be on diet just because being label as 'fat'? Excuse me, please give our children a break and let them have normal growth.

With the advancement of the social media, it is important that each of our action is being made after some serious thoughts over the implication. Do not be tempted by the 'surface' or immediate promises to look and feel good. Having said that , being a mild vanity pot myself, i guess everyone is at some point in life, it is important that health is put priority.

Next time before you pop any pill or 'feature enhancement' food into your mouth, think twice about its long term impact. F Cup cookie - is it a A grade decision or a F grade failure to good health?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Merlion City - It is So So Clean ...

Image is courtesy of the internet as i do not have data roaming while in Singapore. Cant share some of the pics that i took. This city never fail to impress me with its cleanliness. The roads and paveways are just so clean, hardly i can see any litter on the street or walkways.

The public transportation via MRT large coverage, cabs and buses are also making tourists stay enjoyable, not stressed by the irregular schedules, as compared to another neigbouring city. Am going to rediscover this city after like half a decade since i last stepped my feet here.

Singapore, oh, i will easily get loss in its citty as everywhere that i go seems the same with high rise condominiums and HDB(subsidized apartments). With Chinese New Year around the corner, am sure the famous Chinatown and Bugis area will be dorned with decorative items in reds and selling lots and lots of food.

Am going to discover more the beauty of Singapore City. It is clean, clean, clean!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Travel Options to KLIA - KLIA Transit

For those who love hassle free travel, and need to go to airport, with loved ones not convenient to send you there, do consider the KLIA Transit. It is only about 35 mins journey from Tasik Selatan station.

Of course the more popular version is taking a cab, but for me, I feel 'boxed-in' the cab, with 'personal-space' intruded, and have to spend about an hour in the cab with a stranger cab driver.

The train is going very fast now, oh, and enjoyed the thrills as I sit backwards, so its as though a journey back to the past for me it seems, moving backwards. Oh, how I wish!

Its economical too, RM26.50, a fraction of the cab price. Good news to those going to LCCT, this train is also available, priced at RM10.80, which is very reasonable.

We are always spoilt for choice, and its so convenient that we seems to take things for granted easily in life nowadays. Choose to have a happy day!

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What is your definition of PROSPERITY?

Prosperity is associated with abundance, luck and wealth. What is your personal definition of Prosperity?

Was in McD this evening and the cute Prosperity card caught my attention. It gives a meaning of Prosperity for each of its word. Quite close to what I treasure too in life.

What about you? What is your definition of Prosperity?

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Rabbit Design Angpow Packets

Are you a collector of angpow packets too? I got my first rabbit design angpow packets from Tesco today.

Always impressed by the creative designs of the various angpow packets. More traditional are those with the words and images of Gongxifacai, Prosperity '福', mandarin oranges, lion dance and fireworks.

Will be more diligent to 'source' for the angpow packets. Do share and let me know if you know where can get nice and beautiful angpow packets.

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McD's Twist of Fortune is Back

Chinese new year is the time we wish each other for good fortune and prosperity. For years, McD has come up with innovative products and promotions that link to what is close to everyone's heart, wealth and prosperity.
I especially love its 'Twist of Fortune' too, crispy yummylicious curly fries. It is usually paired with its famous Prosperity Burger sets.

Have you eaten your Prosperity Set to usher the coming Rabbit Year? I am looking forward to have mine, just minus the calories if can...:)

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Would you like to be RM30000 Richer for Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is approaching in a week plus. Fancy to have RM30k extra to celebrate CNY? Check out Shell contest!

You can win up to RM30k cash every week! All you have to do is to pump RM30 worth of petrol and attach the original receipt with the contest form and drop into the contest box available at Shell stations.

Who knows, maybe you will be the next lucky winner! The winners also will win a set of Ferrari cars model key chains. Good luck! The contest is available now till end of April 2011.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cravings @ Tesco Cheras

A new restaurant is opened at Tesco Cheras. It replaced Food and Tea restaurant. The design of the place is more modern and spacious.

There is a variety of food, just like common hong kong style cafe. The food price is reasonable too.

Yummy Nasi Lemak with curry chicken whole leg, just RM6.90. Compared to the Hainan Coffee shop just next door, which is priced at ard RM13, almost double the price!

Will I return? Definitely yes!

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Illy Cafe

Since I got my first taste on Illy Cafe last yearn I was hooked! And even more after watching HK actor, Moses Chan encounters with coffees at different parts of the world.

Illy Cafe originated from Italy, the coffee is extremely smooth and creamy. I prefer the hot version as compared to chilled or blended, which the latter 'molecules' were affected by the ice.

Not largely available at the moment in KL, only at Pavilion and Bangsar Village Center at the moment. Hope Illy Cafe will expand its business and open more outlets in KL and let more coffee to be able to experience such finesse coffee.

Oh, I especially love the arts of the design when the milk is poured. Perhaps one day I will be able to learn this skill too!

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9 degree Celcius Cocktail

Was having treasure hunt at Jonker Street and one of the treasure is to find this unique cocktail, which apparently only available in Malacca.

Its available in different flavours and colorful bottles. 3 for RM10. Please check It out the next time you are in Malacca, especially Jonker Street area. You can get it along the pave ways.

The taste? Sweet and nicer if chilled.

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Nyonya Kueh - Which is Your Favorite?

My office mates were lucky to taste this sumptious tray of nyonya kuehs. How many types can u recognise from the tray?

Onde-onde, kueh talam, getuk-getuk, ketayap, 9 layers kueh, sago kueh, ubi kueh etc. Its so yummy. My favorite is getuk getuk and onde onde. What is yours?

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Set Lunch @ Vietnam Kitchen

Thanks to Vivian, my matrix reporting boss in Malaysia, she treated us for lunch @ Vietnam Kitchen.

There are many promotional sets lunch, pricing very reasonably. My this set is RM17.90, and comes with a drink.

If you happen to be there, check the Vietnamese coffee too!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MBTI Training @ Renaissance Hotel, KL

It has really been some time since I blog here. Well, a lot of other commitments made me sidetracked from updating my personal sharings.

For 2011, I aspire to blog more, besides that it is good to be able to share my experiences, I can also improve my writing skills.

I attended the MBTI training at Renaissance Hotel this whole week, despite its also a Thaipusam holiday today. MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It is a certification program afterwhich I am certifies to provide trainings and consultation to those interested to find out their preferences.

Am glad that the training is conducted in Renaissance Hotel. Its in the city and transportation is easy. The monorel station, Bukit Nanas, is just opposite the hotel. I can save time from being stucked in traffic jams and looking for parking.

After completed today's training, I will be a certified MBTI trainer. Do let me know if you are interested to find out more about the training. My pleasure to share more with you...

Oh, by the way, I like this picture very much. This is where I relax and read my training materials when I arrived early at the hotel. I like listening to the water sound and being in the open increases my energy. You can also see my pretty black shoes ya!

When I look up to the sky, its just so beautiful, especially when the clouds are moving, and the flocks of birds are flying.

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Monday, January 3, 2011


Check out these bean bags by Duff. It is so cozy to relax on. See how Elly enjoying herself on a big Duff.

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