Friday, January 28, 2011

Pork Chop OR Pork Choc?

Can you believe this? Is it a choc or pork chop? It is a mixture of both and we called it the 'pork-choc'. Innovative product to welcome the coming chinese new year, this pork-choc is made by Singapore company, Cacao7, which is famous for making low-carb chocolates.
The first time i have tasted that pork jerky or locally called as 'rougan', 'nyuk-konn' or 'lonng-nyuk' which means barbequed pork was in the chocolate that the designer bags 'Che Che' carries, during Christmas 2010. Now, i got to know that Singapore's Cacao7 produce the dark chocolate in squares, topped with barbequed pork.
The dark chocolate is bitter sweet, topped with the barbequed pork which is 'fatty' and sweet creates a harmony mix of taste, with the barbequed pork lending a little sweetness for the bitter dark chocolate.
It is available at SGD 26 for 32 pieces and also SGD52 for 64 pieces. It seems that Singapore never fails to impress me with its unique and outstanding products and discovery.

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