Friday, January 28, 2011

Bak Kwa - Malaysia vs Singapore

Most of us buy 'Bak Kwa' or barbequed pork for Chinese New Year. In Singapore, there is a price hike in bak kwa again, now it is selling at around SGD50 per kg. Comparing to Malaysia, i think is is around RM 40-50 too, not RM32.00 as reported in Straits Times. Perhaps it was the price of 600 grammes.

It seems that some Singaporeans bought Bakkwa from Malaysia and bring back to the country. However, it is illegal to do so as the food is not approved by the AVA, (food approval authority).
Nevertheless, many people are queing at the Bee Cheng Hiang counters and bought their bak kwa. Now there are many selections and flavours, from pork, chicken, beef and prawn.

Which is your favorite flavor? Do check out the mini packets of bak kwa, which is easier to consume and allow for calorie control since one packet is made up of very small piece. I think the normal one piece can be cut into like 20 pieces?

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