Thursday, January 27, 2011

EZCombs Stretching Hair Accessory

Check out the EZCombs, click here for the links to its Youtube for a demo on how it enhances your hairstyle. A stroll to the Chinatown gave me the opportunity to stumble on this innovative item. It is also available for sale on TV, by placing orders to those in the western country.

For those in Singapore, you can head to Chinatown to get one, two or three at a cheaper price. 1 for SGD5 and 3 for SGD10, free a free DVD showing the demo on creating the different styles to your hair.

The two combs at sides, make sure is made of metal so that it can be bend and flexible around the hair. With this, holding hair in a bun is so easy and looks so trendy. Check it out!

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