Saturday, January 29, 2011

Low Crime in Singapore

Singapore is known as a city with low crime. Going out till late nights and walking to go back to home or hotel past midnight is normal.

I had the experience of catching the last train back to hotel almost midnite and walking alone. I could only do this with assurance and reassurance of friends and colleagues that it is pretty safe in Singapore. Don't think I will dare to do that back in my home.

However I know that things should not be taken for granted. Just as I saw this bunting reminding us that low crime does not mean no crime. It is important to always be alert of the surroundings and protect ownself and belongings at all times.

This bunting is frequently shown around the Chinatown area. I was also forewarned by the cab driver to be more careful when in Chinatown especially during this festive season. It will be jam packed with people.

Keep up the great job, Singapore!

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