Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Hot Undies - Brings Good Luck?

Have you buy anything in red to usher into the new Rabbit year? If not, do consider butying red hot undies, as Lady Luck loves to associate with the Lady in Red which is known to be auspicious.

In other months, it seems that the red undergarments are challenging to be sold in this region as women prefer black, white or nude. However, for Chinese New Year season, red lingerie is a top preference for many women. Red is associated with the fire element in the chinese metaphysics. There are five elements altogether; fire, water, metal, earth and wood.

Red is a auspicious color as it is deemed to bring along good luck to the wearer and kick away evil spirits. For those who loves to gamble during Chinese new year and dont want to wear red in the outside and look like a BIG walking angpow, can consider in investing on red hot undies to bring over more luck to win at mahjong tables, card games and poker.

So what are you waiting? Go and get yourself a new pair of red hot undies! hehehe ...

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