Thursday, January 27, 2011

Famous Taiwan Mochi & Jelly - available @ Chinatown

If you have friends and relatives coming back from Taiwan, more often than not, you will receive the snacks in term of mochi or jelly in cute mini packages. These snacks are now available at Chinatown in Singapore. These colorful and simply delicious snacks are great for own snacks and making into souveniers/gifts for friends and families.

It is also great for serving guests for coming Chinese New Year. They can be served in a cute basket decorated with cherry blossoms flowers and ribbons. I do not know the price in Taiwan, here in Singapore, it is SGD 1.50 -1.80 per 100 gram. For the jelly, 100 g is around 3 pieces. As for the jelly, it is around 5-6 pieces.

Due to great competition, some stalls are very creative with food tasting generously, by giving out the mochi and jelly to potential/non-potential customers. They certainly taste delicious! Next time you are at Chinatown, stop by these Taiwanese snacks stalls and ask for free tasting. The sellers will be more than happy to let you try the different flavors available.

*photo courtesy from snapsg

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