Friday, January 28, 2011

Coffee Club, Orchard

I had berry tea at Coffee House which was located at Orchard recently. It is a nice place to spend the night catching up with friends. Despite the famous coffee which was recommended by my friend, I had the Berry tea instead, as i was very thirsty and need something refreshing to quench my thirst.
However, the taste is not to my liking, i wont say it is not nice, as i dont want to be sued like Mr Poh on his encounter at a restaurant in the East Malaysia. I would just say that it is not my preference. My expectation was something different as the name 'berry' should give me, but to me, i personally feel it taste a little bit like medicine.
However, that does not stop me to return to try the coffee. I should just heed my friend's recommendation to try their best-selling product-coffee! I will return, Coffee Club.

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