Monday, January 24, 2011

F Cup Cookie - Bust Enhancing Cookie

I have heard and seen about this 'magical' bust enhancing product for some time and have been curious about it. Just that i do not have the guts to try it out. Do you believe it? By eating the chocolate cookie, you can enhance your bust size, well perhaps not that extreme to F cup like Jolin Tsai, but a cup bigger is every woman's dream come true.

It was highlighted in Singapore Straits Times today on the complaints made by 3 teenage girls and their moms over the medical effects such as gastric pain, diarrhoea and not forgetting the long term effect of the so called plant based oestrogen called pueraria mirifica.

This product is yet to be cleared by the authority but it has been made available via the blogshops in internet. Talking about globalization, our kids now can easily shop online and ignorant parents will easily been 'trapped' that their kids are just snacking on some delicious cooki, little to their horror that it may have long term effect on health and cancer-prone.

It is very tempting though to pop the cookie in the mouth, beside being delicious, it can help women to make their dream come true. Being shallow thinking and pressure from society to have Barbie Doll figure has affected the puberty and normal growth of our children. Slim and thin are adored, and children as young as 5 years old are reported to be on diet just because being label as 'fat'? Excuse me, please give our children a break and let them have normal growth.

With the advancement of the social media, it is important that each of our action is being made after some serious thoughts over the implication. Do not be tempted by the 'surface' or immediate promises to look and feel good. Having said that , being a mild vanity pot myself, i guess everyone is at some point in life, it is important that health is put priority.

Next time before you pop any pill or 'feature enhancement' food into your mouth, think twice about its long term impact. F Cup cookie - is it a A grade decision or a F grade failure to good health?

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