Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Singaporeans Youth - Young and Happy

Singapore Straits Times today revealed that the Singaporeans youth are a bunch of young and happy people. Of a rating of 7, the overall happiness rate is 5.5. On a 10 scale life satisfaction, they rated 7.7. Singaporeans are also patriotic, 95% claimed that they are!

National Youth Council released this yesterday based on survey results for those aged 15-34. Am glad that i am still eligible for this group called as 'youth'. Young people also value work life balance and reported spending 10 hours a week with their parents. This makes me think, Do i spend that amount of time with my parents too? hmmm...

Differentiating from the recent 'tiger-mum' issues, Singaporeans youth are more family oriented, and spend more time with family despite busy schedules compared to as five years ago. This is a good sign, and i feel the same too is happening in Malaysia, people realised that there is larger life out there than only work, which is obviously is also an important element to many of us.

One interesting findings is on youth perception to marriage, 48% perceived that one should marry, 35% feel it is better to marry, 16% says it is not necesary to marry and 1% view that it is better not to marry.

Back to neighbouring country, Malaysia, i wonder if our Youth Council have this kinda survey and am interested to know the perception of Malaysian youth on the similar issues. Do share if you have the data. Well, its good news to hear that Singaporeans youth are happy people. Credit have to be given to this young people as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

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