Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Day - Malaysia Chinese New Year Movie

Malaysia also lauched its CHinese New Year movie recetly. It is called '天天好天 Great Day', starring local artistes such as Jack Lim and some of the Myfm radio crew. It tells the heartwarming stories of 2 old folks who run away from old folks home to meet up with their kids.
And the story ends with a Chinese New Year reunion at the old folks home.

The Chinese New Year songs are sung by Astro and the Myfm crew, and it really gives me meaning and sets the environment for Chinese New Year mood. I especially love the song '天天好天 Great Day'. Do view it at Youtube!

How i wish too, like the song lyrics, Everyday is a great day! It is possible with chnage of mindset. So for the coming Rabbit Year, let us make everyday a great day!

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