Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hormone Replacement for Women (Menopausal hormone therapy)

I read an interesting article in the Straits Times today and think that it is great to share with women friends and readers. It is about hormone replacement for women. All of us, we cannot deny that will grow old and reach menopause stage.

Menopause is the time that there is extreme hormonal change in women body. Hormone oestrogen decreases as we age, and it is important for healthy bones, heart and blood vessels. Less oestrogen also contributes to women getting heart disease, vaginal dryness when intercourse and also osteoporosis, or what chinese used to mistaken for 'wind in the bone' or artritis.

The hormone replacement therapy is reported to reduce the menopausal symptoms, incease good and decrease bad cholesterol, and helps in reducing colon cancer, bone density loss and reduced risk of osteoporosis related bone fractures. However, the therapy is not without its risks and side effects.

It slighly increase the risk of breast cancer, increase the risk of gallstones, development of blod clots and side effects such as spotting, cramping, bloating and also the tenderness of the breast. So it is a personal choice whether to go on a hormonal replacement therapy or menopausal hormone therapy. Doctos usually advise the lowest effective dosage for the shortest time.

There are also some other alternative choices which includes natural hormones such as estriol, natural progreterone and vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Another option is in modifying the lifestyle and avoid situations where the internal temperature will go up. Exercise such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing will help in reducing the effects of menopause.

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