Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gateway Building and Feng Shui

What do you think about the feng shui of this building, since it has sharp edges. Is it good or bad to have sharp edges especially from an interior view. I think it is great and the sharp edge will complement to build strength for all the tenants.

Perhaps we shall get the views of Lilian Too or Joey Yap? Which is your favorite fengshui master? Some prefer Lilian while another group fancy Joey Yap. Have you check your fengshui for the coming chinese new year? Is the year of rabbit or bunny is going to bring you more luck and wealth?

Do you personally believe in the purchase of the fengshui ornaments and products will enhance your fengshui? What if the fengshui instructions is not something that you fancy, will you do that
? End of the day, i feel it is a choice within. However for Chinese, once belief, we will belief wholeheartedly.

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