Monday, January 24, 2011

Babies and TFR in Singapore

As i was reading the Singapore Straits Times, there were certain colums which shared views on the all time low Total Fertility Rate(TFR) for Singapore, which is at 1.16. What are the reasons fot the low fertility rate? Is it by choice?

Being in the rate race, to maintain certain lifestyle, infertility, stress, commitment are some of the top reasons that couples do not have babies. It is low despite the 'incentives' by government with 4 months of maternity leave. Obviously, it is not the only thing to consider when bearing a child.

As the saying goes, ' 3 minutes of enjoyment, 3 generations suffers' is the extreme explanation on the pressure to look after not the kids, but also the grandchildren. So the question is back to couples, are you ready to take on the new roles and responsibilities as parents, with no sabbatical leave, no time-off, all work and play(it depends).

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