Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lobster Pasta @ Skinny Pizza, Raffles City

I was at Raffles City to catch up with some old uni-mates. The shopping center was recently built, I mean, well, it was not there the last time I was in Singapore.

The place was quite big and I got lost in the basement, looking for the MPH bookstore where I was supposed to wait for my friends, Hendry and Doreen. It took me some time to finally found the bookstore hidden at one corner.

The basement has big collection of foodstalls. We went to this place called Skinny Pizza. We ordered a few dishes including skinny pizza, lobster pasta and also 'Spanish' style rice, forgot the name that it is called. Is it ratatoille? Ah... Short memory, Dennis did told me, can't remember.

The pasta with lobster is yummy, and it has quite a generous portion of the lobster meat!

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