Saturday, February 5, 2011

SHINS - Awards Winning Products 2010

SHINS is a beauty shop just like SASA, however the range of products is more focusing in hair products and other beauty signature products.

Check out some of their best products. Do not know where to start? You can refer to its 2010 award winning products such as King & Queens Jesmine, Ecotools make up brush set, Fudge Salt Spray, Dr Lab BB, Micro 0ell Nail Repair, Lakme Active, Young Blood Foundation and Bloom Full and Flirty Mascara.

You can also get a copy of its SHINS Says newsletter, which feature some of its signature products. Its latest newsletter features Microcell Nail Care collection, Ecotools brush set and some signature hair products like Lakme Chalk, Fudge Salt Spray, Carlton Crystal Conditioner and Lakme Rings Curl Activation Balm.

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