Thursday, February 10, 2011

Auspicious Day to Start Work for CNY

Do you start work on an auspicious day after CNY? These are some of the auspicious day to start work.


6 Feb 2011(正月初四)09:00-11:00,此日为满辰日,肖狗勿用。

8 Feb 2011(正月初六)13:00-15:00,此日为定午日,肖鼠勿用。

12 Feb 2011(正月初十)11:00-15:00,此日为成戍日,肖龙勿用

And tonite is the 8th nite where the Chinese Hokkiens will have big feast to usher the 9th CNY day, which is greater than the first day.

Look forward to the fireworks till the midnight.

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