Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toast Box - Mee Siam

Toastbox is a coffee place just like Old Town White Coffee, serving coffee, tea and variety of breads and of course some main dishes including Lontong and Mee Siam. I had my mee siam at Toast Box Pavilion recently and would like to share the food experience.

Initially i just wanted to try the famous Yin Yang(mixture of coffee and tea, quite famous in Malaysia), but wanted to have the Lontong(another local Malay food). However, it was sold out so i choosed Mee Siam.

I dont wish to be sue but i just want to share that the taste is not up to my liking, the mee siam is in spicy and sour thick soup, with weird coconut smell (santan?). I can just share that i prefer the Mee Jawa in Food Republic, Pavilion as compared to the mee siam. It is priced RM6.90, with additional 6% tax. However, beside the meehoon, the only 'toppings' were fried dried tauhu. I think the price is a little high for a bowl of meehoon in weird coconut, spicy and sour thick soup.

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