Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Legend Water Chalet, PD

Had the opportunity to stay at Legend Water Chalet located in PD during a business workshop recently. As it is a unique experience to stay on water, yes the chalets are on water, however, the seawater was not as clear as Maldives or even Redang.

Although the hotel is only 4 years old, the hotel rooms, function rooms and coffee house seems old and not well maintained. At the water chalets, handphone signals were bad and internet connection was not stable.

I would not recommend this place for business functions, but the place is a great getaway for family gatherings or honeymoon.

The food was not appealing, such as the 'ais kacang', the ice was not the shaved ice but crush ice! I had to bite the ice and it was really 'tiring' biting the ice, which in the end, I gave up.

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