Monday, May 17, 2010

Detox Day 2

Its my second day of detox. The PuriTea made me went to the loo for few times. Tummy less bloated and 'soft'. Need to strengthen the muscles by using the gadget that i bought from Tesco. Using the gadget i could 'sit-up' more times and i feel its more motivating and effective when doing something i like.

Weight on first day : 63kg
Weight today : 61.5kg

(its the coating of 'waste' in my colon that the PuriTea had helped me to cleanse)

I will have a glass of green apple blend(include the pulps) in a short while. Target to complete my MBA thesis today so i could forward to my supervisor, Dr Hooi for review while i still work on the layout, formatting and other stringent requirement.

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