Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Chronicle of Dengue Fever, Day 7 - 6 Sept 2010 (Mon)

The whole ward was filled with cancer patients. Well, the ward itself was meant for them, only me a dengue patient in oncology ward.

Everything was fine except that my bed was behind an uncle with terminal stage brain cancer, in his fifties. Because of pain, he kept screaming and scold japanese bad words. His excessive phlegm also made me 'geli' and scared of the virus.

Asked nurse to keep an eye for empty bed in normal medical ward.

At about 10pm, with the help of nurse, I was transferred to normal medical ward.

Thought of having peaceful was again shattered when I was placed next to a 'nenek' who screamed and screamed throughout the night.

Apparently the whole ward cannot sleep because of her.

Red spots appeared all over my body, legs, hands, body. The gOod thing is the heatiness and toxins have been flushed out. Bad thing is I feel itchiness all over body.

Doctor gave anti 'itchiness' pill but still I can't stop scratching.

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